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Transport Ramps

We have been manufacturing bus wheel chair access ramps for over 5 years and have worked with Alexanders Transbus, Wrightbus and Optare.

The latest evolution in our ramp development is the PSVAR 2004 compliant ramp shown below.

Itís low cost yet high specification unique design features include :

 Angled construction made using custom Aluminium extrusions
 Aluminium honeycomb core construction
 Very high strength to weight ratio
  Bonded with hot cure epoxy aircraft specification adhesive
  Low profile to allow minimal disruption of bus chassis.
  3mm sturdy stainless steel hinges
  MOD specified, battleship grey sprayed epoxy non-slip surface
  Unique edge close out strips helps stop dirt accumulating in the tray
  2 year manufactures warranty
 Meets and exceeds current regulations

The ramp is wedge shaped, Its overall dimensions are 937mm x 645mm with 36mm tapering to 8mm.

For more information pleas contact us to arrange for one of our representatives to visit and display the features of our ramp in person.

   E:       T: (01487) 831 278         F: (01487) 832 274