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Regulations and our ramp

The following are our interpretation of the current regulations and recomendations and how the Bonded Components PSVAR Ramp compairs.

  A boarding ramp shall have a surface of not less than 800mm in width.
  Our ramp has 805mm clear, with an overal width of 937 including close out strips.
 The grounding nose section must be less than 15mm
 Our nose section is 8mm at the tip and has an extra initial slope to ease loading.
 The nose must have a radius of not less than 2.5mm
 Our nose section radius is 4mm
 Any bumps or lips outside the nose section must be 6mm or less.
 We have no transitional bumps within the 800mm area.
 Given a kerb of 125mm the angle of the ramp must be 8o or less.
 On a bus with a kneel hight of 250mm, our ramp has an angle of 7o to the kerb.
 Given no kerb, the angle of the ramp to the ground must be 20o or less.
 On a bus with a kneel hight of 250mm, our ramp has an angle of 18.5o to the ground.
 The ramp must have a contrasting strip arroun the edge of not less than 50mm
 We have 50mm yellow rubberised strip built into the nose extrusion, there is 50mm yellow band down each edge. The main area is battleship grey. When closed, there is a rubberised 50mm yellow strip on the boarding edge.
 Where the wheel chai travels must have a slip resistant surface
  We use a three part epoxy sprayed coating wich is to MOD standards, and is battleship grey in colour as it is specified on battleships.
 The boarding ramp must be free from sharp edges or other protrusions capable of causing injury
 We have no protrusions and all edges are radiused.

As you can see from the above, a lot of thought and design has gone into this ramp, in the hope that we not only meet the regulations, but exceed them and also produce an easy to use ramp which will actualy help disabled users.


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