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Print Bases

Oneof the  offshoots from flat panel manufacture is Print Bases and over the years we have produced  lots of different types for a variety of manufacturers.

If you pre-drill the honeycomb before expansion and bond aluminium box section around the edge, then drill the top skin and attach a vacuum port to the bed, it produces a nice uniform vacuum. These beds are usually used in the printing industry for silk screen printing processes to hold the media down while it is printed.

We manufacture either 1.5 mm Aluminium or 3 mm Formica print beds, using 38 mm thick, 1/8 cell aluminium honeycomb core and box section.

It is possible to produce larger print bases than our normal press size using a multipart curing process and a framed structure.

To request a quote for a print bed of the above size, please contact us with your required sizes and skin type.

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