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Bus Doors

We have been manufacturing rear engine bus doors for the best part of 10 years in one form or another. The earliest example is to be found on the now rare Plaxton Paramount 4000 double decker coach which was a very complex curved model and required specific tooling.

Unique advantages of doors made by Bonded Components :

  Very high strength to weight ratio
  Bonded with hot cure epoxy aircraft specification adhesive
  Aluminium honeycomb core construction which is a natural sound    deadening material
  Internally bonded pre-drilled and tapped compression proof mountings 
  Mountings precision located by CAD/CAM machinery
  Fully fabricated construction, ready for light sanding, painting and hanging.
  We are currently able to offer variations on a flat panel model as shown below

Plain Honeycomb Door

To the Left

Our simplest model being a plain flat panel door with 15 mm lipped edge

To the Right

Close up of Lip

A close up of a rear corner of the above door showing the 15 mm lip and three bonded pre-drilled and tapped inserts.

The overall thickness is just 18.6 mm

Enviro500 Bus Door

To the Left

A more complex variation showing a cut logo carved with our CAD/CAM Router.

For more information please contact us to arrange for one of our representatives to visit and display the incredible features of our rear engine bus door in person.

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