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Aircraft Panels

Naturally being born out of the world of aircraft technology, we still produce composite panels for aircraft use.

Due to the almost limitless combinations of materials and bonding techniques we use, here is a small sample of some of the types of panels we have and do manufacture :

End Grain Balsa panels - Typically used by Airbus/Raytheon on the HS125. These are very light panels. The core is end grain balsa, bonded with a phenolic resin system to aircraft grade (2024-T3 / L166-T4) aluminium skins.

Nomex panels - Nomex is a Dupoint fibrous paper core which is resin dipped. It is extremely lightweight and has the added benefit of being fire resistant. We make both Aluminium clad and resin pre-impregnated carbon fibre Nomex panels.

Nomex Honeycomb

Foam core panels - Made using a close tolerance foam core and a cold curing process with aircraft grade Aluminium skins.


If you would like a quote on a combination of any of the above or would like to enquire if we can do another particular material combination, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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